Harvest Home Guest Comments:
At Harvest Home
A Private Vacation Home
Thank you for letting us use your home for the weekend. My husband & I are here for our
second anniversary.  We are enjoying our visit.  
John & Tricia (July, 2011)
As the morning sun gets higher and higher, it is time to leave this wonderful sanctuary.  
The leaving is quite different than the arriving.  My daughter and I were absolutely giddy to
spend a whole week together.  She knitting and I painting.  She encouraging my work and I
in awe of hers.  Thank you for opening your home.  We will be back in the spring and once
again chat, laugh, and create.
 Ellaraine (October, 2011)
Thank you again for letting your home be ours for the week.  We put quite a dent in your
firewood but we enjoyed every log.  Thanks again for providing a safe haven to recoup.   
Jennifer (October, 2011)
What a wonderful, wonderful oasis you have in your Harvest Home!  We  had the very best
time staying in your comfortable retreat.  Your kitchen is so well equipped and your
mattresses seem like they are brand new!  We had hours of fun playing domino's while the
fire blazed in the fireplace.  Leaving your home we explored quite a bit in the short time we
were in the Territory.  Highlights included shopping and eating two fabulous dinners in
Galena; spotting a dozen eagles at Eagle Point Park in Dubuque; and, at Massbach Ridge
Winery we had our own private little wine tasting and tour. We didn't miss Mardi Gras one bit!  
We will definitely want to come back!  
Chris B & Friends
Thank you!  We had a great weekend.  You have a very comfortable vacation home.  We
will recommend your home to friends & family.  
 Hoefler Family (May, 2013)
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home.  It exceed all our expectations.  A great place
to catch up with old friends. We hope to be back.  
Ann, Carmen, Sarah & Tracey (May, 2013)